Folding Knife with Carved Bone Handle

Make Your Own Medieval


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This knife is reproduction of a Viking era folding knife held by the Yorkshire Museum. The original artefact is estimated to date from the 9th century and is possibly a Rus design.

Archealogical finds provide evidence of the use of folding knives during the Roman to Renaissance era. With several knives from the Medieval era found in London, Fishergate York archaeological and Dordrecht excavations in Netherlands digs estimated to have been from the 13, 14th and 15th century.

The book Knives and Scabbards from the Medieval Finds and Excavations in London book features two folding knives on page 106 (find 309 and 310)

Our knife has a longer blade than the original and has a simpler incised ring and dot ornament. The knife is made from high carbon steel and the bone handle is carved from one piece. Two peened rivets hold the blade in place. When unfolded the blade remains firm and holds in place. Great for use around the feasting table and encampment at Viking, SCA and Medieval events or themed weddings.

A photo of the original artefact is shown in the last photo below.