Weapon Purchasing Policy

 Customers purchasing reproduction weapons from Make Your Own Medieval do so at their own risk. Customers must be over 18 years of age to purchase weapons. Make Your Own Medieval will not be held liable for incorrect, misuse, careless use, unauthorized use and modifications made to the weapon that cause injury. The use of any weapon requires training in their safe and effective use. These items may cause injury if improperly used.

Reenactor (functional) weapons are designed for controlled use by trained, registered and authorised reenactors for historical demonstration purposes.

Decorative swords are decorative and for display use only they are not intended for practical use. If you are unsure if an item is a decorative item or a re-enactment item please contact us before use. Before use, customers should seek appropriate training otherwise improper use can cause damage to the weapon, as well as serious injury to either yourself or bystanders.


Customers are fully responsible to ensure that they meet all requirements of local and state laws to legally purchase weapons. We will not be responsible for any consequences of non-compliance.

Customers in Victoria are required to email us a copy of our Victorian driver’s license as well as membership card or certificate to purchase swords and double edged daggers. Please email this information to makeyourownmedieval@gmail.com. For full information please review the information on the following Victoria Police link. http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=25574