Where are you based?

We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Do you have a storefront I can visit to browse?

No, we do not have a shop front. This allows us to save on costs and pass those savings on to our customers. We do attend Medieval Re-enactment events and festivals as well as LARP events. Follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with which events we’re at.


Do you have an option for pick-up?

We do not offer pickup from our warehouse. We do offer pick-up at some events we attend. Follow our Facebook page to find out if we’ll be at your next event. For events we are attending, we will release a coupon code before the event to remove the shipping cost from the purchase online. We will pack the item and bring it for customers to pick up at the event.

I have a coupon code; how do I enter it?

If you are on a desktop there is an option to enter a discount code on the top right (below the picture of the product). On a mobile device, if you are using the express checkout option and can’t see the coupon box, try selecting the ShopPay option.


Do you ever have second quality items to sell at a discount?

Yes. Second quality items will sometimes be listed on the website. The reason for them being second quality will be listed on the product description. In order to offer second quality items at the lowest possible price we generally can’t individually photograph each item.


Horn FAQ

How can I care for my horn?


Our products are made from natural horn so there is some care involved to ensure a long and enjoyable product life. Your horn is coated with a food save epoxy. However, we recommend you:

  • Give your horn a wash with warm water and If necessary, use a bottle brush.
  • Do not use in dishwashers and microwaves
  • Do not use it for boiling liquids
  • Avoid contact with strong solvents, detergents, and/or chemicals
  • Avoid sharp objects as the horn surface can scratch
  • Towel dry your horn after washing
  • Keep your horn out of the heat of the sun We recommend if you will use your horn regularly to coat the outside of the horn with bees wax to prevent the horn from drying out.


Is the horn shown in the photo the one I will receive?

The horn item photographed is representative of what you will receive, but you can expect some variation. Horns are natural products and vary greatly in size, curvature and colour. The horn photographed will meet the product description, for example they will be within certain length measurements and the applied decorations, brass work or carvings will be as pictured. Due to both the natural variations in horns and the handmade quality each horn is unique in its curvature and colour tone and maybe a mixture of yellow, brown, white, cream, black and clear in colour.


Can I request a photo of the horn I will receive?

Unfortunately, we are unable to photograph each horn we sell. This would be very time consuming and increase the price of the horns we sell.


Can I request a specific color of horn?

Unfortunately, the colors which are requested the most often are also the rarest. When the horns are selected for packing we randomly select the horns to ensure that every customers has the same chance of receiving a more rare colour combination. To avoid disappointment and provide fairness to all customers we do not take requests.


My horn has minor imperfections or slight scratching.

Cow horn as a natural product will have markings from the lifetime of the cow and the animals interactions with the environment and other cows. Generally, these markings will be more pronounced on larger horns as they come from an older animal living in a free range environment.


Do horns smell.

Horn has a natural smell which will vary for each horn. Fortunately, the food safe epoxy applied to the horns significantly reduces the natural smell of the horns. As the horns are bubble wrapped to protect them after they are made, the airtight environment can concentrate the smell. After washing your horn letting it sit for a few days to air will help to dissipate any smells. Another option is to fill the horn with raw uncooked rice and let the rice absorb the smell.


If I order more than one of the same type of drinking horn/cup/tankard, will they all be the same colour, curvature and size?

All horns are unique, however, some are more similar than others. Many customers prefer to purchase items which look different so they can easily be distinguished from each other while other customers are seeking a matching pair. When customers order more than one of the same type of horn product, the items are randomly selected. If you have a preference, you can leave a note on your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request, however it may not be possible.


Do I need to apply bees wax to my horn?

The horns are sealed and protected by a food safe epoxy so the use of bees wax is optional. Some customers have a personal preference for the smell and taste of bees wax. A beeswax coating can provide an additional layer of protection and help to protect the horn from sun exposure damage in hot climates.


Is my horn made from actual horn?

Yes, each horn is made from either cow, buffalo or sheep horn.


Do you do custom engraving?

No, we don’t do custom engraving. We recommend customers take their horns to their local engraving store or kiosk for custom engraving services.


How are the horns measured?

The horns are measured along the outside curve. A tape measure is place on the mouth of the horn running along the curve of the horn to the end.


Benefits of Epoxy Coating

These horns are coated with a clear, high quality, food safe epoxy sealant. The epoxy provides a barrier between the liquid and the horn. This barrier seals the horn reducing the natural smell of the horn and greatly assists when cleaning to keep the internal surface of the horn clean. The sealant is clear and does not detract from the look of the horn.