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William the Conqueror silver Medieval English penny coin reproduction

William the Conqueror Penny (1066 - 1087)

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This coin is a reproduction of a silver penny minted by the Duke of Normandy “William the Conqueror” who seized the crown of England from Harold Godwinson after the battle of Hastings in 1066. He was the first Norman monarch of England and ruled from 1066 to 1087.

This style of coin is often referred to as the William I Silver Penny bonnet type due to the elaborate crown William is depicted wearing and was minted between 1066 and 1087.

These coins are hand-stamped by a passionate reenactor who performs historical coin minting demonstrations. As each coin is hand stamped small variations may exist adding to the hand made character of the coins.

Made from high-quality pewter.

Each coin measures 19mm in diameter. Price is for one coin.

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