Viking Shield Round

Make Your Own Medieval

$67.00 $96.00


Make your own Viking experience with this round Viking shield.

This shield is made from 10mm thick wood with a quality brown paint finish. The edge of the shield has a steel protective ring to minimise damage to the edges of the shield during combat. In the centre of the shield is a full size steel boss which is securely rivetted with steel rivets. The back of the shield has a large, thick wooden handle which is also rivetted to enable the best grip and control.

The shield is robust and is suitable for light sparing, however, please check your group's requirements for shields before purchasing. Generally, most re-enactment groups will require a leather or rawhide edging to further protect the shield edge, chipping of the timber edge and also prevent damage to your sparing partner’s weapon.

It's also a great decorative item and a great way to bring a viking theme into your home- straight to the pool room!

The shield measures approximately 54.6cm in diameter.

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