Viking Leather Gauntlets - Right Hand

Make Your Own Medieval



These leather gloves are designed for re-enactment combat for dark age and Viking periods before the use of plate and mail gauntlets to reduce the risk of injury to the hand during combat.

The gloves are made from dark brown veg tan 3mm thick leather with added 3mm thick leather scales. The gloves have added padding protection over the thumb and fingers.

The gloves are fastened with an adjustable strap and brass buckle at the wrist.

The gloves work well with a sword as the hilt of the sword proves some extra protection as the gauntlets don’t protect the underside of the hand.

On first use some users may find the thumb a little tight. Over time the leather will mould around the thumb providing a better fit.

The gloves measures 35cm in total length.

Width across the palm 12.5cm

Includes a right hand glove only.