Viking / Celtic Torc Neck Ring

Make Your Own Medieval

$79.95 AUD 


A twisted Viking torc made from solid brass with wolf head terminals. This neck ring has an approximate internal diameter of 15cm when measured from side to side and 48cm when measured from end to end. The torc is adjustable to fit to the wearer.

This design of this torc is inspired by a Viking armband artefact found in the Russian Kremlin hoard of Moscow Price Vladimir.
The original artefact is estimated to have been made in Gotland Sweden between the 10th to 11th century. The artefact travelled from Scandinavia to Russia where it was buried by the Russian Price Vladimir in Moscow 1238 AD when the Mongol Golden Horde was at the gates of Moscow. Fearing the treasure would fall into the hands of the attacking Mongols the inhabitants buried their treasures. The treasure remained hidden until its discovery in 1988.