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Viking Brass Cloak Brooch Clasp with Midgard Serpent Design

Viking Brass Cloak Clasp - Midgard Serpent

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This heavy fibula or brooch cloak clasp is perfect for closing cloaks, robes and gowns.

The clasp is made from solid brass and weighs 87grams. The thickness of the brass makes it suitable for heavy cloaks and capes or alternatively to add weight to the drape of a garment such as a kilt.

The fibula features a dragon head design interpreted to be a representation of the Midgard serpent or alternatively a dragon drakkar figure which appears on Viking longships. The Midgard Serpent (Jormungand) in mythology was a giant snake that dwelled in the ocean that surrounds Midgard or dragon. A child of Loki the Midgard Serpent at the time of Ragnarok would battle Thor in the final battle.

The brooch measures 5.8cm by 5.8cm, including the pin the brooch measures 5.8cm by 9cm.

Suitable for Viking, Celtic and Anglo- Saxon costuming and clothing

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