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Viking Bone clothing or hair pin
Roman Bone clothing or hair pin

Viking Bone clothing or hair pin

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Pins made of natural materials such as bone, horn and wood were most likely the most common form of cloak fastening in the dark age and early middle ages due to the high value of metal.

Before the use of buttons become common, pins were mostly used to fasten loose clothing, either as part of a fibula or brooch in addition to toggles and ties. After the 13th century bone pins start to fall from common usage due to the increased affordability of metal fasteners and fine metal pins required for veils.

Bone pins commonly appear in archaeological finds from Viking settlements in Britain and Scandinavia, indicating their common use as dress and hair pins. Pins could be used for a variety of purposes, the wide head on the pins could also be used as applicator and the pointed side as a stylus. Bone pins have been found in a large range of sizes and styles, some with highly decorative carving.

Hairpins are also a common archaeological find at burials in Roman Britain in locations were Roman Women are present.

This pin is smoothly polished and made from bone. One side of the pin is pointed, but not sharp. The wide side of the pin has a slight curvature making it easier to hold.

The pin measures 18cm by 3.3cm.

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