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Viking Birka Brass Needle Case

$19.95 AUD 
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Crafted with quality brass, the Viking Birka Needle Case is the perfect storage solution for your sewing needles. This brass needle case is based on historic finds.

The needle case is designed to be worn hanging and acted as an item of personal adornment and an indicator of wealth, as well as providing a handy place to store your needles! 

The needle case is a hollow brass tube, decorated with a dot and circle design. The tube doesn't have stoppers. You can keep your needles in place using a few different techniques:

  • You can insert your needles into a piece of wool cloth, roll this up and push it into the tube
  • You can put your needles in loose and stopper the ends, eg with spare wool cloth, unspun wool, or small wooden corks.

Keep your needles organized and accessible with this must-have needle case. 

Size 5.5cm

Price includes one needle case. Needles available separately. 

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