Viking Birka Belt - Black Veg Tan - 154cm Length

Make Your Own Medieval

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This Viking belt is based on an archaeological find from Birka Sweden (grave find 750). The buckle features a horse motif and the strapend has a serpent motif in the Jellinge Style.

The buckle and strapend are made from solid brass. This is a heavy duty buckle suitable for sword belts with the back plate of the buckle between 3mm - 4mm thickness and a 3mm hinge pin.

The belt measures 154cm (including buckle and strapend) in length with a strap width of 30mm.

Made from black vegetable tan leather.

Make Your Own Medieval believes in sustainable environmental practices and we are actively moving away from chrome tanned leather to veg tan leather products which are less damaging to the environment. Vegetable tan leather also has a higher durability, strength and better colour and tone than chrome tanned leather.

This belt is most suitable for early Middle Ages, Dark Ages and Viking era historical clothing and costume.