Viking Bird of Prey Mounts

Make Your Own Medieval



A decorative pair of Viking bird of prey mounts great for making your own Germanic / Scandinavian historical bag, pouches or belts.

Based on a find from the Swedish Island of Gotland estimated to be from the Vendel 6th or 7th migration period century. It is believed that the mounts represent the Ravens Hugin and Munin which accompany Odin. At Daybreak Odin sends the ravens to fly across the world and bring him information of all they see.
The original raven mounts are now located in the Statens Historiska Museum in Stockholm.

The mounts measure 5 x 3 cm. A photo of the original artefact is shown below
The back of each mount has two 7mm posts. The smallest belt size these mounts can be attached to is a 30mm strap.