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Viking beard comb made from bone
beard comb made from real bone
Small beard comb

Viking / Anglo-Saxon Beard Comb Made From Bone

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Keep your beard looking it’s best with this Viking beard comb made from bone.

In a rush to do your hair at an event before the public arrive? Don’t stress, just make it part of the re-enactment show with this highly decorated Viking or Anglo-Saxon comb made from bone. Stow that pink plastic hairbrush back in your tent and whip out your authentic tools.

Each comb is unique and hand-crafted inspired by an original Viking archaeological find. Vikings were well known for their high attention to grooming and personal hygiene and unlike plastic combs, this comb will not create static electricity as you comb reducing split ends appearing at the end of your beard. This comb is hand cut with wide beveled points for a smooth beard combing experience.

Why should I comb my beard? Combing your beard will keep it smooth and reduce knotting, fizziness, and itching. Combing also stimulates the hair follicles promoting beard growth and most importantly will remove any food particles from last night’s feast.

This comb can be hung from a belt or stowed in your pocket and makes a good conversation starter. 

An example of this shape of comb which was found in the United Kingdom is currently held by the British Museum Portable Antiquities Scheme and can be viewed on the following link

The bone pieces used to make the comb are secured with brass rivets for durability. Also good as a kids comb, each comb measures 60mm by 58mm in size

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