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Lacing Ring Medieval SCA Viking Tudor Renaissance Larp

Twist Lacing Ring Silver - Set of 20

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A set of 20 lacing rings made from a zinc alloy for lacing up dresses, bodices and sleeves in a silver finish and a twist texture.

Lacing was a common way of closing medieval and renaissance clothing. Before the invention of metal grommets or eyelets, holes were pierced in the fabric and hand bound with thread. In the 15th and 16th century, metal lacing rings began being used as an alternative to hand-bound eyelets. Rather than piercing a hole through the fabric, the rings were sewn onto the garment and the lacing passed through the rings. These lacing rings could be plain or decorative and are found sewn on the inside or outside of clothing.

The second last photo shows this lacing ring compared to our other silver finish lacing rings. This listing is for the lacing ring type on the right marked "twist"

The final photo shows a comparison of all our basic lacing ring types. This listing is for the lacing ring type on second row, middle column marked "twist"

The other lacing ring types in the comparison photos are available separately, they have been included in the photos to help you choose the best lacing ring for your project.

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