Trivet Tripod Cooking Stand with Scrolls

Make Your Own Medieval

$59.95 AUD 


Make Your Own Medieval Experience one to remember with this blacksmith forged trivet tripod stand made from 5mm thick steel.

A trivet is placed in a cooking fire so that pots and pans can be placed on the tripod above the coals. For wood and charcoal fires a trivet keeps the pots and pans from smothering the fire and allows the cook to tend the fire without having to remove the cooking equipment. This trivet has a decorative scroll design in the centre which sits a little lower than the surrounding ring which creates a bowl shape for pots to sit in. The stand is blacked to improve resistance to corrosion.

The trivet is 22cm in height and 24cm is width. Each leg of the trivet is securely riveted for improved durability.

A perfect addition to your Viking or Medieval cooking gear for your next re-enactment, living history, SCA or LARP camping. 

Other camping and feasting gear also available.

Total weight 1.28kg