Triqueta Drinking Horn Holder – Maroon, Brown & Green

Make Your Own Medieval



This small size leather holder features an embossed Triqueta design and black burnished edge.

The holder is made from 4mm thick leather and available in maroon, brown & green colour veg tan leather.

The triqueta (latin for three cornered) or trinity knot is a three cornered triangle shaped knot design constructed from one continuous line interweaving around itself.

The triquetra has been found on runestones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins and is believed to have been adapted from the ancient the Celtic symbol of the goddess and the Germanic Pagan or Viking Valknut symbol for Odin.

During the 7th century the detailed interlace / knotwork triqueta began to appear in Irish celtic christain illuminated manuscripts and artwork such as the famous Book of Kells and can be similar artwork can be seen on Celtic crosses and slabs from the early Christian period.

In the modern era the triqueta is sometimes used by wiccans and neopagans to symbolise fertility, the triple aspect of the Goddess and as a protective symbol.

To Celtic Christians the trinity knot has been used in Christian tradition as a sign of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit symbolising unity and an eternal spiritual life.

In Ireland the symbol has become popular for weddings and jewellery were the endless intertwining curves represent eternal love.

Each holder measures 12cm in height and has a 16 to 17cm internal circumference.

Horn shown is not included price is for one holder.

Available in Maroon, Brown and Green leather.

These holders are suitable for small and medium size drinking horns only.