Tankard - Stainless Steel

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Metal tankards are often associated with the Tudor era as the use of pewter become more common. The use of metal tankards appears to have started in the Tudor era. Tudor era wooden and pewter tankards and leather jacks recovered from the Mary rose ship wreck which sank in the mid 16th century generally have closable lids. During the 17th century tankards appear to no longer have closable lids, these tankards were most likely used indoors at ale houses and homes.

The tankard not including the handle measures 13cm in height by 10cm. Including the handle the tankard measures  13cm in height by 13.5cm.

The tankard is made from stainless steel and holds 550mls of liquid.

The tankard weighs 450 grams.

Great for renaissance fairs, LARP and SCA feasting as well as a cold beer at Octoberfest celebrations.