Sword Frog with Three Buckles

Make Your Own Medieval



This Mythrojan 6”×5” (15.2cm×12.7cm) sword frog features three buckles to securely hold your sword. The straps are long enough to fit larger scabbards used in LARP.

Handmade from 3.5mm thick sturdy & attractive genuine full-grain leather handcrafted using only the highest quality leather for excellent durability.

Versatile & ideal for many character types (Historical or Fantasy): Whether you are a brave sailor or a fearless cutthroat, an elegant pirate captain or a skilled privateer, this Mythrojan sword frog will be the perfect companion for all your adventures. Whatever treasure you’re chasing, its functional design and sturdy leather will make the difference.

Ideal for amazing medieval fairs, SCA, cosplay, or LARP. Wherever your adventure is, this sword frog will follow you to all your deeds, from the fiercest LARP battlefield to the impressive tables of the mead hall.