Suede Midnight Blue Leather Bag

Make Your Own Medieval

$36.95 AUD 


This Medieval themed Leather Pouch 7.2” x 4.7” (18.2cm×11.9cm) is the perfect companion for any adventure. Sturdy, reliable, and easy to close, will keep your coins, dice, keys, and precious belongings, safe during your epic weekends. Whatever your favourite universe or character, its authentic look, and adaptable shape will prove more than useful in any event or even in your everyday life!

The bag is made from midnight blue colour suede leather and has two leather loops on the back allowing it to easily fit on any belt up to 7cm wide. The bag has a leather tie and solid brass decorative coin to close your bag.

Made from soft suede leather this pouch is great for Medieval, Tudor and renaissance themed costumes.

Price is for one bag. Other items shown are not included.

A Mythrojan product.