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Spanish Comb Morion Helmet With Red Feather
Spanish Morion Helm With Red Feather
Spanish Morion Helmet With Red Feather

Spanish Morion Helm - 20g

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This morion helm is inspired by 16th and 17th century Spanish helmets of the Elizabethan and Stuart era. Although most often associated with Spanish foot soldiers the morion style helm was also utilised by many European armies.

Securely constructed with steel rivets and made from 20 gauge steel this helm comes complete with an adjustable leather liner and armoured chin strap with buckle. The helm has a circumference of 68cm which enables the wearer to also fit a suitable padded coif or cap. The interior of the helm is also blackened to improve corrosion resistance. The helm also features a red feather made from real feather.

As this helm is made from 20 gauge steel and is most suitable for display, LARP and costume. For historical reenactment combat, we recommend 14 gauge steel thickness.

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