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Roman Propeller Belt Stiffener (Belt Mount)

$6.25 AUD 
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Make any belt your own, with our selection of reproduction  belt mounts.

This belt mount is a Roman style known as a "propeller belt stiffener." While there were some variations in the shape, they typically consisted of a circular middle with two propeller "arms" and were worn vertically on the belt.

The book "Roman Buckles & Military Fittings" by Andrew Apples and Stuart Laycock discusses these mounts on pages 268-275 and contains pictures of a number of original finds. The final image of the extant example is from page 273 of this book and included for educational reference. Another example can be seen on the British Museum Website, museum number 2019,8022.173

This mount measures approximately 1.8 inches high by 1.1 inches wide,

Made from 100% brass.

Price is for one mount.


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