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Roman Gladiator Belt Plaque
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Roman Gladiator Belt Plaque

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Images of gladiators with wide leather belts can be seen in surviving Roman mosaics. Many gladiator belts appear to be about 8-12cm wide in artwork depictions and are often reinforced with metal plaque mounts. With specific styles of belt being worn by different gladiator styles.

An example of which is the mosaic of Galleria Borghese from Rome Italy dated to between 300 and 400AD as well as the Mosaic Villa Negrar Retiarius and Mosaic Villa Negrar Secutor both from the 1st century.

The belts appear to have been worn higher than the position of modern belts, being worn over the stomach rather than the hips with metal plaques providing extra protection and decoration.

This reproduction gladiator belt plaque mount in made from brass with an antiqued finish.

The plaque measures 14.5cm by 9.4cm in size.

The back of the mount has four bendable metal tabs in a U shape. There are two tabs on the top and two on the bottom. The belt strap slides between the metal tabs to hold on the fitting which can be glued for extra strength. Alternatively we recommend cutting a hole into the belt strap and inserting the tabs through the strap. Peening a flat top rivet will also provide extra strength (rivet not supplied) or gluing a strip of leather over the tabs at the back to hold them in place.  

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