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Roman officers helmet with face plate
Roman Cavalry Helm with Face Mask
Roman Helm with Face Mask

Roman Cavalry Helm with Face Mask

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This style of roman helm is called a cavalry sports type D with Kalkriese mask. This style was most likely worn during the mid to late reign of the emperor Augustus from approximately 5BC - 14 AD. These helmets developed from a combination of earlier Gallic type helmets and Hellenistic Greek and Etruscan influences. Similar helms with facemasks were produced from the early 1st century AD through to the mid-3rd century.

Elaborate helmets with facemasks were worn in sporting mock battles called the “hippika gymnasia”. (Greek: ἱππικὰ γυμνάσια, "horse exercises") were colourful tournaments among the elite cavalry performed to practice their skills at arms and inspire morale often in the guise of heroes and amazons. Such helms have been found in battle field excavations such as that of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, where three Roman legions were wiped out by Germans in 9 AD indicating that the helms were also worn during war.

Several extant styles of faceplate called the Kalkriese type have been found including several in the Ex Axel Guttmann Collection and the brass Weisenau helmet in the Shelby White collection in NY.

This helm is made from 18 gauge steel and features real brass, not electroplated, decorative accents

The helm internal circumference of the helm is 66cm. The helm has an adjustable leather suspension liner with a buckle and strap to better fit the wearer. The interior of the helm is also blackened to improve corrosion resistance. The faceplate has a leather internal covering to improve the comfort of the wearer and the cheek plates also have a small D shape rotating tie point so that the cheek plates can be tied under the chin so the helmet can be worn when running or riding   

For re-enactment combat, we recommend 14 gauge helmets.

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