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Viking shield boss polished
Viking shield boss silver colour
Viking shield boss for making your own shield
Viking shield boss shinny

Polished Shield Boss 14 Gauge and Rivets

$34.95 AUD 
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Make your own Viking shield or Medieval buckler with this polished 14 gauge steel boss. When mounted onto a shield a boss or umbo protects the hand of the fighter. 

The boss measures 19cm in diameter and 5cm high and has 6 holes to mount the boss onto your shield. The diameter of the dish is 13.5cm.

The boss is large enough to fit a hand wearing a glove when mounted.  If you are wearing a large gauntlet behind this boss we recommend purchasing the 12 gauge shield bosses as this is taller in height. 

Also includes 19mm rivets which have a 13mm shank and washers to mount your boss. 

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