Padded Leggings Gambeson Black

Make Your Own Medieval

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Make your own Medieval experience a safe one with these padded legs which can be worn underneath a leg armour harness or alone for added protection. Suitable for historical re-enactment, HMB, HEMA and LARP.

These leggings are made of 100% heavy cotton. The internal fabric padding is also made from cotton which helps to keep the wearer cooler compared to cheaper synthetic garments.

These leggings have been designed to give comfort and protection for the legs.
The legs have a loop at the top made from 2.5mm thick leather which is riveted onto the garment to suspend from a belt or arming doublet or gambeson.

The legs have leather ties down the back secured by eyelets to assist in adjusting the legs for the best fit. The legs also have a stirrup to ensure the legs don’t ride up.
The legs measure 83cm in length (not including the leather loop) and when laid flat the legs are 61cm wide at the top and 38cm at the ankle.