Arming Girdle Belt (Lendenier) White and Black

Make Your Own Medieval

$74.95 AUD 


This arming girdle belt (lendenier) is ideal for keeping up your  chausses or to suspend your armour harness.

This arming girdle belt can be worn over clothing and under armour to attach and suspend your leg armour harness or chainmail skirt.
The belt features sewn eyelets to lace through, not metal grommets. You can overcast these with a whipstitch or buttonhole stitch if you wish to reinforce these.

The belt includes five lacing cords. The fifth cord to tie up the front is not shown in the photo.

The belt has two sets of eyelets on either side to allow for extra adjustability.

The belt can be easily laced 3cm to 5cm smaller by overlapping one or both rows of eyelets. It can also be laced with a slight gap to increase the size. Tying the belt through both holes will allow for the most secure fit.

The sizes below are measured with the front opening butted together, not overlapped.

Available in three sizes.

Small. Measuring 79cm at the waist and 86cm at the hips.

Medium. Measuring 89cm at the waist and 96cm at the hips.

Large. Measuring 97cm at the waist and 104cm at the hips.

XL. Measuring 108cm at the waist and 116cm at the hips.

Available in white and black