Needle Case or Black Powder Apostle

Make Your Own Medieval

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This great accessory is multipurpose and measures 11.5cm long by 3.6 cm wide. 

Historically, needle cases were made out of a variety of materials including metal, bone, wood and leather. Our wooden needle case is great for storing your needles in and can fit needles up to 8cm in length. The leather cord keeps the lid from being lost and allows it to be hung from your belt. If you pull the cord down it helps keep the lid on should you wish to store your needle case in your sewing box or basket. Great for a range of re-enactment, SCA or LARP personas such from the Dark Ages, Medieval and Renaissance times.

We also sell several types of needles to place in your needle case.

Also suitable for use as a 16th and 17th century black powder apostle. Historically black powder apostles were used for storing black powder for use when firing an arquebus or musket. Great for English Civil War and musketeer clothing and costume. Make your own bandolier hung with black powder apostles.