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14th century reenactment armour Churburg globose breast reproduction
Milanese Churburg Globose Breast Plate 14th century reenactment armour reproduction
Australian reenactment armour 14th century breast plate
Churburg 14th century breastplate medieval armour

Milanese Churburg Globose Breast Plate 14th century

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This 14th century Italian style cuirass is a reproduction of an extant armour piece from the Churburg collection.

The breastplate is forged from a single piece of 16 gauge steel and includes good quality leather straps and period brass buckles to securely attach across the back. 

This style of breastplate is estimated to have been made in the 14th century between approximately 1380 to 1390. This style of one piece globose breastplate developed from an earlier design also from the Churburg collection which was made from several individual plates. A photo of the original extant armour is shown below in the second photo.

During the mid 14th century improvements in metal working and metallurgy enabled the creation of plate armour from larger pieces of steel plate.

Please remember to take into account the size of your chainmail or gambeson when ordering.

Suitable for LARP, SCA and historical re-enactment combat.

Available in the following chest sizes (measured across the front of the chest)
54 cm (MEDIUM)
60 cm (LARGE)
66 cm (XL)

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