Milanese Churburg Breast Plate 14th century

Make Your Own Medieval



This 14th century Italian style cuirass is a reproduction of an extant armour piece from the Churburg Armoury Castle museum collection.
This breastplate is forged from 16 gauge steel and features 100% brass decorative bands.
The cuirass is fitted across the back with good quality adjustable leather straps and buckles which are riveted for durability.
The breastplate is constructed from multiple plates which articulate and are securely attached with thick quality leather which is riveted with steel rivets and washers. The interior of the plate is blackened to resist corrosion.
This style of breastplate is estimated to have been made in the mid to late 14th century in Milan.
Before improvements in metal working and metallurgy in the late 14th century enabled the creation of plate armour from larger pieces of steel plate, amour was made from multiple pieces of smaller plate.
Just like the original artefact this breastplate features the V shaped stop rib to deflect blows away from the face and neck and also a hinged lance rest.
This style of 14th century transitional breastplate was worn with chainmail and was designed to protect the upper torso or chest before the development of full plate in the 15th century.
Please remember to take into account the size of your chainmail or gambeson when ordering armour.
Suitable for LARP, SCA and historical re-enactment combat.

Available in the following chest sizes (measured across the front of the chest)
54 cm (MEDIUM)
60 cm (LARGE)
66 cm (XL)

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