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cushion medieval printed linen
medieval cushion red eagle
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Lion and eagle medieval cushion
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Medieval Cushion

$39.95 AUD 
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Add some comfort and style to your medieval chair or bench with one of these beautiful cushions.

Just like today, people in the middle ages and renaissance didn’t enjoy having a sore bottom from a hard surface, and a cushion makes all the difference. Cushions are depicted throughout period art with some extant cushions surviving today. The cushions of the wealthy could be highly decorated for that luxury touch.

These large cushions measure 35cm by 45 cm and are flat enough to comfortably sit on. They are great on chairs, benches or scattered on the ground to lounge on.

Price is for one cushion.

The cushions are made from printed linen and decorated with tassels on the corners. All print patterns are based on historical designs and we have many different options to chose from.

Italian Deer

This fabric is a copy of Italian pattern from the turn of 14th and 15th century. The print is made with black ink on linen. The original inspiration is made of silk and kept in Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA).

Charles de Blois
This pattern is a copy of pattern from the pourpoint of Charles de Blois (~1364). The measurements of the pattern (square with 4 animals) are 7 cm.

Italian Chevron
This pattern is a copy of Italian pattern from first half of 14th century.


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