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Medieval Brown Boot with Three Buckles

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Our new and improved boots have arrived! 

Please check the size chart before ordering - the sizes are not standard sizes. 

These shoes are made from of 7.5oz (3mm) quality brown leather. To add extra durability and comfort for the wearer this reproduction features a 5mm thick sole which is nailed with brass nails.

Brass nails don't rust like steel nails, so they are a great choice for the humid Australian conditions. 

Size Chart 

Internal Shoe Size Euro  AU Woman's AU Men's LoB Mens
24 38 7 5.5 37
25 40 9 7 38
26 42 11 8 39
27 43 12 9 40
27.5 44 10 41
28 46 11 42
29 43
29.3 44
29.7 47 12 45


Boots with buckle fastenings are found from the 12th century on. Buckles were an indicator of wealth (due to the metal used) and buckled shoes became increasingly popular over time. 

Based on archaeological finds, buckles on shoes appear to have become more common later in the 14th and 15th century. Boots with 2-4 buckles were popular.

Leather will absorb moisture from the ground and sweat so it is important to make sure the shoes are dry after use. Residual moisture will increase the chance of the shoes going moldy.

Perfect for LARP, historical costuming and SCA. 

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