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bar belt mount medieval

Medieval Bar Mount (1250 – 1385)

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Make any belt your own, with our selection of reproduction Medieval and Renaissance belt mounts.

This Bar with terminal and central lobes mount is based on an extant artefact found in a London archaeological dig.

Bar mounts can be seen on belts, sword belts and horse tack in effigies from the mid 13th century.

The original artefact can be seen on page 214 (find 1157) in the book Dress Accessories 1150 -1450 by G. Egan and F. Pritchard.

Bar mounts are usually worn in a set with a different style belt mount in between.

This mount is most suitable for mid 13th century to late 14th century clothing and impressions.

Each mount measures 30mm by 8mm. The post on the back is 12mm in length and depending on the thickness of the leather strap used will most likely require cutting down to match.

The back of the mount has two posts and comes with two washers.

Made from 100% brass.

Price is for one mount

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