Maximilian Gauntlets

Make Your Own Medieval



This style of gauntlet was worn in the final years of the 15th century and early 16th century.

This style of armour takes it name from emperor Maximilian I who was emperor of the Holy Roman Empire between 1493 and 1519. It developed as an alternative style to Gothic plate which was also popular in the late 15th to early 16th century.

These gauntlets are an early Maximilian style called schott-sonnenberg style which does not have the decorative fluting seen on later style Maximilian armour. Schott-sonnenberg style armour was a brief transitional armour style worn between 1495 to 1520

Suitable for German and Landsknecht Renaissance re-enactment and LARP personas between the period of 1495 to 1520.

Made from 16 gauge steel the gauntlets have an excellent range of movement due to the eleven plates which articulate. These gauntlets best fit a larger men’s size hand.

Includes a left and right pair. Due to the overlapping plates the total weight of each gauntlet is 1.54 kg (total weight of the pair is 3.08kg).