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15th century Mail skirt with lacing belt
15th century chainmail skirt with lacing belt
chainmail skirt with lacing belt
15th century chainmail skirt with lacing belt

Mail Skirt with Arming Belt - M / L / XL

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This mail skirt is made from flat 9mm 17 gauge flat mild steel rings which are round riveted with alternating solid flat links. It is most appropriate for 14th to 16th-century impressions. It is worn around the waist to protect the lower body under a breastplate or brigandine.  

The mail skirt is stitched onto an arming belt which makes putting the skirt on and taking it off significantly easier. The arming belt also enables the belt to be attached to an arming doublet.

The use of a skirt and voiders or sleeves to protect the areas of the body not covered by plate mail helped to reduce weight compared to wearing a full mail hauberk under armour.

Please note, the model is wearing a smaller skirt to show how the lacing belt closes at the back. When choosing a skirt size the belt should overlap for the most secure fit. This will also ensure that there is no gap in the skirt at the back. Ties shown in the photo are not included. The skirt does not include any lacing ties, these are available separately.

Suitable for late 14th century, 15th century and early 16th-century medieval re-enactment armour impressions.

A Lord of Battles product

Available in medium, large and extra-large.


Size Belt Length Bottom of Skirt             Length Height From Top of Belt to                    Bottom of Mail
Medium 87cm 170cm 35cm
Large 101cm 208cm 40cm
Extra Large 109cm 212cm 40cm

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