Lotus Flower Carved Drinking Horn 33cm - 38cm (13"-15")

Make Your Own Medieval



 Are you looking for a drinking horn to stand out? Don’t be the person in your encampment with the same horn as everybody else, get something unique!

This horn has a carved and burnt design with a lotus flower motif.

The symbol of the lotus has spiritual meanings to many cultures. Ancient Egyptians observed that during the night the lotus closed its flowers and sank into the water re-emerging fresh in bloom the morning of the next day and they associated the lotus to death, rebirth, creation and the Sun.

As a lotus is able to emerge from Muddy Waters bright and unblemished it is associated in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism with beauty, spiritual awakening, faithfulness and purity.

Measured along the outside of the horn, the lengths range from 33 - 38 cm.

The horn shown is an example, of the style of horn. Due to both the natural variations in horns and the handmade quality, each horn is unique in its curvature and colour tone and maybe a mixture of yellow, brown, white, cream, black and clear in colour.

Each horn is smoothly polished and finished with a water proof food safe epoxy. 

This drinking horn is made by Lord of Battles who are an official supplier of the Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom TV series and crafted the drinking horns, cups and tankards shown in these series.

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