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Macedonian phalanx Amour reproduction
Macedonian Amour Linothorax reproduction
Greek Amour Linothorax reproduction
Ancient Macedonian Amour Linothorax reproduction
Ancient Greek Amour Linothorax reproduction
Linothorax reproduction armour

Linothorax Greek / Macedonian Amour

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The linothorax is a modern term used to describe an upper body armor used throughout the ancient Mediterranean world.

The linothorax is most commonly associated with the phalanx armies of Alexander the Great who can be seen wearing a linothorax in the Alexander Mosaic from Pompeii. However, armour of this style was worn by many nations including the Greeks, Macedonians and Persian mercenaries.

The linothorax appears in numerous vase paintings and sculptures and the first written mention of the armour appears in Homers The Iliad. The armour was most likely worn between the late 7th to early 8th century B.C through to the Hellenistic Period.

As no extant linothrax armour has survived experimental reconstructions have indicated that the armour was most likely made from layers of glued linen. Experimental tests have indicated that the thick multi layers of glued fabric was resistant to arrows, spears, swords, light axes and other weapons of the period.

Unlike the bronze bell cuirass worn by Greek Hoplites such as the Spartans. The linothrax was lighter and cooler to wear in hotter climates (such as the Macedonian invasion of Asia Minor) and improved the wearers ability to travel and fight effectively for longer periods.

This armour is made from a combination of leather and many layers of glued cotton canvas. The armour features a large brass mount in the centre of the chest and is attached with leather thongs through brass O rings. To improve the water resistance of the armour we recommend a thin rubbing coat of bees wax.

The fabric chest is approximately 5mm thick and the leather skirt is made from approximately 3.5mm thick leather.  

Available in the following sizes:

108 cm (MEDIUM)

120 cm (LARGE)

132 cm (XL)

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