Leather Pauldrons with Sword Breakers

Make Your Own Medieval


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Make your own Medieval LARP experience with these leather shoulder pauldrons.

These segmented leather pauldrons are made from heavy 4mm to 5mm thick leather with 3mm thick straps.

Each side has five leather lames which are curved to fit the shoulder and arm comfortably and pivot on the rivets to allow for improved movement with the arm. The rivets and buckles are made from brass to improve corrosion resistance. The pauldrons features large sword breakers to protect the neck and lower face.

A gorget or other arming doublet will be required to hold the spaulders on at the top of the shoulder. The spaulders have a D shape loop and leather strap at the top to attach to a gorget. Another strap near the bottom of the pauldrons secures the armour around the bicep.

Price includes a left and right pair. Gorget shown not included and available separately.

The spaulders measure 34cm in height (excluding the length of the metal loop) and 36cm in width.