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LARP Pauldron Leather armour
Pauldron leather fantasy medieval armour
fantasy medieval leather armour for shoulders
fantasy medieval leather armour for arms and shoulders
Leather LARP Pauldron armour
Leather LARP shoulder armour

Leather Pauldrons

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Make your own LARP experience with these leather shoulder pauldrons.

These segmented leather pauldrons are made from heavy 4mm to 5mm thick leather with 3mm straps. The spaulders have long adjustable straps that cross across the chest and buckle at the shoulder. This allows for them to be worn without the need for additional armour too keep them in place (such as a gorget). The spaulders also have a leather strap on the bottom lame which buckles around the arm to allow for better fit and movement.  

The armour also has an additional slot at the top of the shoulder which can be used to secure the spualders to a gorget or cuirass which has a leather strap or tie.

Each side has five leather lames which are curved to fit the shoulder and arm comfortably and pivot on the rivets to allow for improved movement with the arm. The rivets and buckles are made from brass to improve corrosion resistance.

Price includes a left and right pair.

The spaulders measure 28cm in length and 21.5cm (not including the straps)

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