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Large Runic Ale Horn Tankard
Viking Runic Ale Horn Tankard
Ale Horn Tankard with viking rune design
Horn tankard with viking rune design

Large Vegvísir Runic Ale Horn Tankard 5"- 6" inch (12.7cm to 15.25cm)

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Be the envy of your Viking, LARP or SCA group with this horn tankard made from cow horn. 

The tankard has a carved vegvísir symbol with a stylised Viking Drakkar longship on either side

The vegvísir wayfinder symbol is a Icelandic runic magic talisman symbol intended to bestow a safe journey to  travel through bad weather (in Icelandic “That Which Shows the Way”). In popular culture the symbol is believed to be a Germanic and Viking ancient runic symbol which was carved on ships, shields and worn on talismans to provide guidance and protection from the Gods to Viking warriors during seafaring adventures.   

The first evidence of the use of the symbol appears in three Icelandic magic grimoires from the 19th century. While the runic symbol may have been created and used during the Viking pre-Christian pagan era, there is no evidence that it was widely used or know during this time.

This tankard is made by Lord of Battles who are an official supplier of the Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom TV series and crafted the drinking horns and tankards shown in these series.

This horn is large enough to satisfy your thirst with an internal size of approximately 600ml.  When you are done feasting your tankard will make a nice show piece due to the unique natural contours of the cow horn.

Each tankard is hand made from a single piece of cow horn which is cut to shape, heated and then shaped to form a handle. A wooden base is added and the horn is smoothly polished and finished with a water proof food safe epoxy.
Each horn is unique due to both the natural variations in horns and the handmade quality. 

Cups range are approximately 5"- 6" inch (12.7cm to 15.25cm) in height.

Please see for frequently asked questions concerning horns.


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