Lamellar Viking / Russ Scale Plate Armour

Make Your Own Medieval

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Lamellar is made from hundreds of small metal plates laced into horizontal rows with successive rows laced together. 

Lamellar originated in Asia and spread to Eastern Europe, Russia and Byzantium.
Viking traders carried Lamellar to Scandanvia from trade with Byzantium and Russia.
Archeological evidence for Viking use of lamellar amour has been found at Gotland and Birka in Sweden which was estimated to have been made in the 10th and 11th century. Numerous Rus finds have also been located at Gnezdovo and Novgorod estimated to have been made during the 10th to 13th century
This lamellar amour is most suitable for re-enactment SCA or LARP personas from Asia, Byzantium and eastern Viking Baltic, Rus areas.

The armour is tightened with leather straps which makes the fit adjustable.

Size chart below. Please measure your chest while wearing your gambeson and/or any other clothing or padding which you would wear underneath the lamellar.

Size Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL)
Chest Up to 110 cm Up to 120 cm Up to 130 cm
Total Length 48cm 48cm 48cm


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