Kulsa or Guksi Wooden Spoon Bowl

Make Your Own Medieval



This Kulsa or Guksi wooden spoon bowl is based off historical examples from Finland and Sweden and was used by the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia.

A multipurpose spoon bowl Suitable for many northern European re-enactment periods and Viking, medieval or Norman LARP and SCA personas.

It is great for around the encampment or an addition to your feasting gear. Keep your fighters hydrated during demonstrations by hanging a few of these off a bucket of water or keep it simple by spooning your soup straight into your bowl. Insert a leather cord to hang from your belt or in the kitchen.

The cup measures 18cm in length and 4.5cm in height.
The capacity of the cup is approximately half a cup.

Small variations and imperfection may exist and colours will vary from pale to light brown as this is a natural and handmade product.