Kids Crusader Tabard

Make Your Own Medieval

$39.95 AUD 


Kids Crusader Tabard

Are you hosting a kids party with a difference or looking for a special birthday or Christmas gift your child is unlikely to forget? Ignite their interest in history with this crusader tabard.

This tabard is a reproduction of a real style of medieval garment which was worn during the crusade era. Medieval tabards were designed to be worn over armour and just like the original historic clothing the sides of this garment are open. The tunic was secured to the torso around the waist using a belt.

Make Your Own Medieval tabards are made from hard wearing, heavy grade ‘linen look’ cotton, well sewn and all edges are hemmed. The cross is a separate piece of fabric which is sewn, not printed, onto the tabard.

Also available are wooden swords, leather Crusader helms, kids chainmail and coifs for a full costume set. Your kids could have the best costume this year at book week or the school costume competition. The complete set can be purchased via the below link for a discounted price.

The tabard measures in 68cm length and 36cm in width.