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Medieval Kettle helm Armour reproduction
Kettle helm shown in the Maciejowski Bible
Kettle hat seen in the Maciejowski Bible

Crusader Kettle Helm 13th-15th century (18 Gauge)

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Make your own Medieval experience and complete your 13th, 14th or 15th-century armour harness with this kettle helm. 

Made from 18 gauge steel this helmet comes complete with an adjustable leather liner and chin strap with solid brass buckle. Kettle hats of this style can be seen in the Crusader Bible or Maciejowski Bible which is believed to have been created in France in the mid 13th century. 

A good helmet to wear when at historical re-enactment, SCA or LARP events during performances and when marshalling to provide sun protection. This style of helm is most suitable for infantry historical re-enactment personas. We do not recommend 18 gauge helmet for historical re-enactment combat. For safety we recommend a heavier thickness of steel preferably 14 gauge.

The kettle-hat or chapeau de fer (French) is commonly depicted in medieval art throughout Europe from the late twelfth century until the Sixteenth century. The simple construction and effective protective design and of the war hat is likely to be the reason for its universal popularity. Earlier depictions of war hats, dating from the 12th, 13th and 14th century show the skull constructed from several steel plates riveted together and the brim attached along the lower edge. During the 14th century advances in the production of plate armour led to production of kettle helms made from one or two large pieces of steel. Enabling the mass manufacture of helms from one or two pieces of plate.  

For an extra personalisation why not paint your new kettle helm?

Representations of armour, as well as surviving examples of armour from the 13th to 16th centuries, show that numerous methods were utilized to add decoration and offer protection to the surface. These distinctive surface finishes served to identify the wearer and at the same time also prevented the formation of corrosion. As shown in the 13th century Maciejowski Bible and also in the 14th century Grande Chronique De France which depicts a group of soldiers wearing multi coloured kettle hats (shown below).

The helm has a circumference of 68cm which enables the wearer to also fit a suitable padded coif or cap. The interior of the helm is also blackened to improve corrosion resistance.

Other Crusade era armour and accessories also available.

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