Jack Sparrow Pirates of Caribbean Movie Belt Buckle- 65 mm Strap Width

Make Your Own Medieval

$19.95 AUD 


This buckle is a reproduction of the belt worn by the character Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of Caribbean.
In the movie series jack wears several belts to hang his various items.
This belt is often called the Anamaria belt in the Cosplay and costume community as it was worn by the female pirate Ananmaria in The Curse of the Black Pearl as well as by Jack Sparrow. Rumours believe that Jonny Depp liked the bigger style belt buckle and a second belt was made for Depp to wear for Dead Man's Chest, At World's End, On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales.
This buckle is suitable for large belt straps up to 65mm wide and looks great on a renaissance sword baldric or wide pirate style sword, pistol belt or pipers belt.

The buckle measures 10 X 7 cm and is made from 100% brass with an antiqued finish.

Great for making your own Pirates of the Caribbean clothing, cosplay and costume

Photos of the buckle in the Pirates movie franchise are shown below.