Horse Hair Black - 35cm Bundle

Make Your Own Medieval

$69.95 AUD 


Make your own unique art or armour project with this quality horse hair.

Horse hair has been used historically for many usages wherever horses were present.

Since prehistory many cultures have used horse hair because of its durability and for decorative purposes because of the symbolism of the horse with freedom, power, war and status.

Horse hair can be seen on armour and military equipment especially helmets, across many cultures including the Celts, Romans, Greeks, Rus Vikings, Eastern European, Mongolian, Asian, Native American, Napoleonic and Victorian eras.
Cultures such as the Romans decorated their uniforms with animals they believed were powerful to draw on the strength of that animal and intimidate opponents.
It has been speculated that horse hair crests or plumes were added to helmets to make the wearer look taller, more imposing, more aggressive and visually impressive in statue.
Horse hair, especially when worn as an ornament, was a sign of strength and masculinity it showed splendor, power, exhuberance, and the sexual prowess of the stallion.
The horse hair plume also helped to identify centurions, officers and leaddres on the field of battle as generally horse crests seem to have been hallmarks of wealth and office.
Horse hair has is also durable and versatile for many craft projects. Including jewellery such as braided bracelets and pendant cords, dream catchers, Native American crafts, textiles, instrument bows, pottery, woven items and paint brushes

The hair is sold in bundles which measure approximately 35cm in length.

Each bundle has a circumference of 16cm and weighs approximately 430 grams