Greaves Open Back Leg Plate Armour

Make Your Own Medieval



Complete your plate harness with this pair of greaves made from 16 gauge steel and closed around the leg with adjustable leather straps and buckle.

The open back greaves are most suitable for 14th to 15th century historical representations.  

Evidence for the use of this style of greaves can be seen on a fresco of 'soldiers at the Holy Sepulchre' located in the Münster, Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany estimated to have been made between 1340-1350 (shown below), a stained-glass window located in the Royal Museums of Art and History Belgium dated to 1350 (shown below) and also a statue of Saint George located in the Czech republic from 1373.

Includes a left and right pair. Total weight of the pair 1.95Kg

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