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Tudor gothic gauntlets 15th century
15th century gothic gauntlets with articulated fingers
15th century gothic gauntlet with articulated fingers
Gothic articulated Gauntlets 15th century evidence artefact
Gothic Gauntlets 15th century evidence artefact
Gothic german reproduction gauntlets for 15th century reenactment
Late 15th century gauntlets for reenactment
Gothic german gauntlets for reenactment

Gothic German Gauntlets. 15th Century.

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These functional Gothic combat gauntlets are a reproduction of an artefact (object II.3) held by the Royal arms and armoury museum at the War gallery in Leeds in the United Kingdom.
The original Gothic armour harness is estimated to have been made in Germany or Austria between approximately 1475-85. Photos of the original artefact shown below.
Made from 16 gauge steel these gauntlets offer excellent freedom of movement. The finger lames are fully articulated and are securely riveted to a thick leather strap which is sewn onto a 2mm thick leather glove. An additional three leather straps cross the palm, wrist and forearm to keep the glove securely in place during combat.
These gauntlets are most suitable for a late 15th to 16th century Medieval and Tudor re-enactment armour harnesses

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