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15th century german sallet helmet Reproduction 14 gauge steel
Combat ready Gothic German Sallet late 15th century helm
Medieval re-enactment sallet 15th century helm
Gothic German Sallet late 15th century helm
reenactment sallet with open visor safety pin
medieval sallet helmet with articulated plates
Sallet late 15th century Medieval helmet

German Gothic 15th Century Sallet Helm 16 Gauge Blackened

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Make your own Medieval experience and complete your late 15th century Gothic plate armour harness with this reproduction German Sallet forged from 16 gauge steel. The sallet has been blackened for corrosion resistance.

A quality salade helm with a fully opening visor, articulated plates and two locking pins. A similar style of helmet can be seen in the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna inventory no (Court hunting and armory, A 206) . Another similar sallet can be seen in the Higgins Armoury 

The face plate is securely held in the closed position by a metal pin which locks the visor and stops it from moving. When the visor is lifted a second pin locks the visor in the open position.  To release the visor to open or shut simply push the pin back to allow the visor to move. 

The back of the sallet has articulated plates which allow the wearer greater ease of movement when worn. The helmet also has a padded lining suspension that can be adjusted to better fit the wearer. The interior of the helm is also blackened to improve corrosion resistance.

Suitable for late 15th century Medieval or Renaissance reenactment and Living history. We recommend wearing a bevor with this helm to protect the neck

The helm has a circumference of 68cm which enables the wearer to also fit a suitable padded coif or cap. 

Arming gambeson, padded cap and wooden helmet stand shown available separately.

Other 15th century armour also available.

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Polished version of the sallet shown for extra photo details. This product is the black colour sallet. 

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