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Fleur De Lis French Medieval Buckle
Fleur De Lis 12th century Medieval Buckle
Fleur De Lis French Medieval Buckle
Fleur De Lis Medieval Buckle

Fleur De Lis Medieval Buckle

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D shape buckles have been found in Roman-era archaeological finds and most likely existed earlier than this period. The D shape remains in use until the modern era and was used for a variety of utility purposes such as horse tack in addition to being a dress accessory. D shape buckles appear to have been popular during the 12th and 13th century in Europe when other styles of highly decorative buckles from the earlier Viking period become less common.

During the late 12th century and early 13th century D shape buckles appear to develop elongated points and more stylised curved sides. This buckle is inspired by early Medieval D shape buckles. However, compared to the original artefacts this buckle has a more elongated point and stylised curves. The shape of this buckle is a stylised fleur de lis shape.

This buckle is most suitable for 12th and 13th century themed dress fittings.

The buckle measures 5.5cm by 5.8cm in size.

Made from solid brass with an antiqued finish.

Price is for one buckle.

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