Dragon Belt Buckle - 20mm Strap Width

Make Your Own Medieval


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Featuring a dragon motif this buckle is suitable for straps 20mm wide. Cast from brass and  Includes four washers

The buckle is designed to fit over a 20mm strap. The part of the buckle that attaches to your belt is 24mm in width and is designed to fit over the strap to give the strap more support. As a result we do not recommend that you fit this buckle to any straps less than 20mm in width. 

To fit this buckle you will need a hammer and hole puncher.This buckle has four posts on the back that are inserted through the leather belt and peened on the back side. We recommend that you place the buckle on a hard surface when doing this so that when the hammer strikes the rivet your working surface is not damaged. If you are not comfortable holding the buckle and peening the rivets, hold it in place with a clamp. To avoid scratching your buckle use a plastic clamp or a clamp with a protective disk.